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Reformer Classes

Lots of people come to bodyBEgood, telling us they are looking for a way to "get strong in their core". They say they want to do something that works, but also something that they enjoy. And the common question is "So, what are these "Reformer Classes" you've got going?".

Thank you for asking - let me explain!

What is a "Reformer"?

Firstly, let me tell you about the incredible Pilates machine known as a 'Reformer':

A Reformer is a large piece of Pilates equipment. It looks a little like an oversized rowing machine, or a low flat bed. At bodyBEgood, we use the Balanced Body Allegro 2.


The large 'bed' or 'carriage' section attaches at one end to a bunch of springs. At the other end, there are ropes with soft handles attached. (Sounds like a some sort of torture device so far, right...?!) There are small padded 'shoulder rests' poking up near the head end of the machine, and large 'foot bar' at the other, to rest your feet. 

You can sit, lie, or stand on the 'bed' section, and move it up and down along the frame of the machine, either by pushing on the foot bar, or pulling on the soft handles. 

The springs are different colours, indicating different resistance levels, and we add or remove springs depending on how much resistance we want to use for a particular exercise. 


And, what happens in a Reformer Class?

During a class, each person has their own Reformer. The instructor will have the Reformer set up for you at the beginning of class, and will also let you know when and how you need to change the springs, or move the footbar or straps during the class.

Each class will move through a variety of exercises; some will be all about getting your muscles working, and you might feel a bit of burn or 'hard work' in areas you hadn't thought about for a long time! Some will be more about flexibility, or posture, and the instructor will be talking all the time, making sure you know what you are aiming to do, and helping you if it seems a bit tough. Each person works at their own pace, so it doesn't matter if you are a first timer, or a Pilates guru; the springs and setup can be changed to make every exercise challenging for every body

Ballarat Pilates

The classes run for 45 minutes, and usually finish with a bit of gentle stretching. You should never experience pain during a Reformer class, and you will walk out of the studio feeling longer, leaner, and probably a little bit tired!

But overall... Pilates leaves you feeling fantastic. 

If you'd like to know more about Reformer Classes at bodyBEgood, please give us a call on 5339 1401.  Our 'Reformer Beginners' classes are a great way to start, and you can check out our class timetable here. And, we have a great NEWBIE deal for new clients - you get 3 classes for only $50! This Newbie deal can be used for any of our Reformer classes (not for Clinical or Pre & Postnatal classes), and you just need to use the 3 classes within a fortnight of each other. Grab your newbie deal here: bit.ly/newbiedeal

You can book your class online through our booking system, simply by clicking here