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3 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Pilates

#1. You don't actually need to know anything!

We will teach you everything you need to know, when you attend for your first class. We will teach you how to

- Switch on your core muscles

- Get your Pilates Posture right

- Safely and confidently use the Pilates machines. 

Body Be Good Pilates Ballarat


#2. No-one else in class takes any notice of you!

Body Be Good Reformer Pilates Ballarat

During a Pilates class, you have so much to think about - your breathing, your posture, your left vs your right (this can be a challenge for some!).

There is no room left in your brain to consider what the person on the next machine is doing! So leave any self conscious thoughts at the door, and concentrate on you



#3. Pilates will make you feel great!

Our Pilates classes focus on exercising a specific area of the body, for only a short period of time. Just when you think "I can't possibly lift that arm above my head one more time!", the class moves on to focus on a different body area. So you get to work the whole body, part by part, and you will leave each class feeling toned and terrific!


We have Beginner's Classes running 3 times a week, have a  look at our timetable here, or you can click here to book yourself straight in!