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Exercise in Pregnancy - The Do's and the Dont's - Part 1

There's lots of rumours and old wives tales around about exercise in pregnancy. And like many other aspects of pregnancy, you'll find every man and his dog likes to weigh in on what's best for you and your unborn child...!

Here at bodyBEgood, we've weighed up all the relevant research and findings from both the Australian College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, as well as the Sports Medicine experts in Australia. We've put together a little reading about 

Why should you exercise whilst pregnant?


What exercise should you do whilst pregnant?

This information will answer your questions and ease your fears about staying active and healthy for the 9 months of pregnancy!

Why should you exercise whilst pregnant?

There was a time in history where pregnant women were encouraged to lie down and rest, and take it easy for the duration of their 'gestation'! Thankfully, times have changed, and we know know that exercising whilst you are pregnant has a positive impact on reducing: 

Pregnancy Pilates Exercise


Gestational Diabetes


Pelvic girdle pain, Low Back Pain and other aches and pains

Rectus Diastsis (tummy muscle separation)


And, studies also indicate a more positive experience of pregnancy in those who stayed active throughout.

That's a lot of good reasons right there!

But, if you need just that little bit more motivation to get exercising with your bun in the oven, think about this: exercise in pregnancy has also been shown to 

Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercising whilst pregnant is a good thing!

To read more about what sort of exercise should you be doing, you can read Part 2 of our Exercise In Pregnancy Blog, available here! Or, to get our news straight to your inbox, leave us your details below:

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