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Why Every New Mum Should See A Pelvic Floor Physio

Why Every New Mum Should See a Pelvic Floor Physio

After the arrival of your precious little bundle, everyone asks about the baby.

“What did he weigh?”. “How long was he?”. “How’s he feeding?”. “Is he sleeping?”


There’s plenty of appointments and discussions about your incredible new bub, and yes - it’s lovely that bub has so much support. 

But… what about you? 

What about your body and your bits? What about that elusive pelvic floor that you were trying so hard to remember to squeeze in the lead up to the big day?

And those abdominal muscles, that have been stretched to smithereens - are they going to go back to ‘normal’? How do you ‘help’ that happen?

What about that whole whirlwind that was ‘childbirth’... and how your poor body is recovering now?

Sure, you get your quick 6 week check-up with your doctor or midwife. They’ll have a chat with you about how you’re faring, ask you some questions about your mood, and if you’re lucky, they might take a quick look at your tummy. They’ll probably tell you “OK, great. You’ve had your 6 week check. Keep doing your pelvic floor exercises! You can go back to your regular activities now!”. 

But - can you? After the biggest event of your entire life, where your body has gone through changes you never thought possible… can you just head back out there and start jogging? Go back to netball? Return to your pole dancing classes?! 

Well, there’s a few things you might want to think about at this point… 

Firstly, the stats show that at least 30% of women aren’t doing their pelvic floor exercises properly, even with good written or verbal instructions? Are you doing yours properly? And, is your pelvic floor strong enough to give you the support you need to go back to doing the things you love? Has your tummy separation healed to a level that will allow you to exercise safely? Do you have any idea where to start with getting back to exercise?! 

I know I didn’t walk away from a 6 week check armed with any of that knowledge!

A visit with a Pelvic Health Physio can empower you. It can provide you with knowledge of how your body is recovering, and give you precious tips to further aid that recovery. 

The physio will assess your movement, strength, and ability to do every day tasks. They will check your tummy separation, and if necessary, your ability to contract your pelvic floor muscles. Then, they can 

  • Teach you exercises to regain strength in areas that might have ‘dropped off’ during your pregnancy;

  • Give you practical advice on positions to make feeding and changing your baby more comfortable;

  • Teach you how best to care for your c-section scar;

  • Talk you through any worrying issues, like bladder leakage, pain with sex, problems going to the toilet;

  • Treat any back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain, or other aches and pains you may be experiencing;

  • And most importantly, give you valuable info about HOW to get back doing the activities that you love doing. 


At bodyBEgood, you can then get started in our Postnatal Pilates classes, . These 45 minute exercise classes run 4 times a week, under the guidance of a physio, and they are a perfect place for you to begin working on rebuilding your strength, maintaining and improving your flexibility, and having a laugh (or cry!) with other new Mums who know so well what you are going through!

A Postnatal Physio appointment doesn’t require a referral. All you need to do is give us a call to book. Seeking help early, and getting the right treatment, can make a big difference, and is much easier than fixing a problem down the track.

But, if you’ve been quietly stressing about a pelvic floor, or post-baby problem for a long time… it’s never too late to seek help. A postnatal physio appointment can be of great benefit to you, whether your ‘baby’ is 6 weeks, or 6 years! 

We would love to help you, so please get in touch!