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5 reasons you will love body BE good!

bodyBEgood is Ballarat's newest (and best!) Physio-run Pilates studio. We provide Physiotherapy services, Clinical Pilates, and Pilates fitness classes, to every body, at every age.

Unlike some Pilates studios, we really love what we do. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the very best in Pilates and healthcare. Here's 5 reasons why you will love Pilates at bodyBEgood...



Our classes are taught by highly trained physiotherapists, with many years of experience - not only as physios, but also as Clinical Pilates instructors. You can be confident when you come to bodyBEgood, that your exercise class will be challenging and fun, but it will also be safe, and in line with the latest in sports and exercise science. There will be no ridiculous, unwarranted, back breaking, hamstring tearing, fish slapping workouts - just smarteffective and rewarding exercise. 



Our classes are capped at a maximum of 6 people. This means that the Physio teaching the class can keep an eye on your technique, and your ability to do the exercises correctly and safely. We can make exercises harder or easier, depending on how you are coping. With this specialised attention, you will get so much more from your exercise class.  



All exercises in our classes target multiple areas of the body at the same time, making Pilates a super efficient form of exercise! In the gym, for example, you might be working your upper arms in a bicep curl. In Pilates, our Bicep Curls (shown below) work your upper arms, your thighs, your core, and your back, all at the same time. So, with Pilates, you are getting so much more out of each and every repetition! 

(I sometimes think this means we don't need to work out for as long, or as often, right....?!)

Physiotherapist  Karla  demonstrates a Pilates  Bicep Curl

Physiotherapist Karla demonstrates a Pilates Bicep Curl



Pilates demands concentration; it requires alignment of the mind with the body. To complete your exercises safely and effectively, you must be focused - concentrating on where and how you move your body. This mindful approach means that any of your daily stress gets forgotten at the studio door. You will leave your Pilates class feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle your day. 



Our glorious, light filled studio, is fitted with the very best in Pilates equipment, vibrant greenery, and a relaxing, fresh feel. Our clients love the peace, energy, and calm that comes with a class at bodyBEgood, and we hope you will love it too!

Our gorgeous Wendouree  studio

Our gorgeous Wendouree studio

If you'd like to ask any questions about bodyBEgood, please email us at info@bodybegood.com.au, or call 5339 1401. We hope to see you in the studio soon!