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What can Pilates do for ME?


What can Pilates do for you...?

So you've found this lovely fresh Pilates studio in Ballarat, and they seem like they've got lots of classes on offer.... But, you find yourself asking, "What can Pilates do for me?"

Well!!! Come along and start Pilates, and you will very quickly see:


  • Pilates makes you STRONGER. Not just in those elusive ‘core’ muscles that we hear so much about, but Pilates can strengthen lots of other body parts too! By using the resistance of the Reformer machine, Pilates can target those wobbly ‘tuckshop’ triceps, get your quads quivering, and make your butt muscles feel like they are on fire!  


  • Pilates can help you to RELAX! Our days are so jam packed with a million and one things to think of, and we rush from here to there, trying to achieve so much. Stress eats away at our minds, our guts, and our lives. But… when you get inside the Pilates studio, you take a deep breathe, and begin to concentrate on the exercise at hand. You will think to yourself “Have i got my core muscles switched on? Am I breathing? Am I relaxing my shoulders? What else do I need to remember to do...?", and you have no room left in your brain to think about your stressful day at work! The time at Pilates is spent thinking about yourself, your body, and remembering to breathe. So you leave, not only feeling good in the body, but nice and refreshed in the mind too!
'Tuckshop Arms' (3).png


  • Pilates can help you to finally touch your toes! I've had so many clients over the years, who tell me on their first visit "My flexibility is rubbish. Always has been. I'll never be able to touch my toes". I absolutely love the look of shock and satisfaction on these same faces just weeks later, when their fingers finally reach those wriggling toes. Pilates teaches you to move better, to move more efficiently, and in doing so, your movements improve. So don't rule out that toe reaching wont happen for you in this lifetime - it can! 

Pilates is great for every body. Come down to 17 College St, Wendouree, or call us on (03) 5339 1401, and find out what all the fuss is about.