Exercise during treatment for cancer has been proved to assist with the following:

  • Improves mood & energy levels,

  • Helps with stress, anxiety & depression,

  • Reduces cancer-related fatigue,

  • Helps with weight maintenance,

  • Helps to maintain muscle mass & bone density,

  • Reduces the risk of the cancer coming back,

  • Speeds up your recovery post-surgery, and

  • Improved quality of life!

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia recommends that all patients undergoing treatment for cancer should participate in exercise, and that they should work with exercise specialists, with experience in cancer care.

Enter Heather Deane, Physiotherapist!

Heather works in Oncology at Ballarat Health Services, and has completed her certification with Pinc & Steel, Cancer Rehab specialists.

She will be teaching exercise rehab classes for oncology patients on Wednesdays at 5:30pm at bodyBEgood, from Wednesday July 24th.

To commence in these sessions, you first need an Initial Assessment for Oncology Rehab, which is a 45 minute physio consult ($110), and a follow up individual physio appointment in our Pilates Exercise Studio ($70).

Oncology Rehab classes are $36 per class, and a health insurance rebate may be applicable under the code 560.

To get started in our Oncology Rehab classes, please call us on 5339 1401, or email info@bodybegood.com.au

We would love to help you get moving during your cancer treatment!