our story...

bodyBEgood is a boutique health studio, opened in 2016, by Physiotherapist Emma Powell. After 5 years working in Ballarat's healthcare industry, Emma saw a growing need for a Pilates Studio that combined:

- Expert Pilates Instruction

- Easy-to-access and competitively priced Pilates

- Client-focused classes that are not only good for you, but fun at the same time!


Emma is a keen advocate of the notion that

Pilates is for E V E R Y B O D Y,

and her priority with each and every client is to ensure their satisfaction and happiness with their Pilates & Physiotherapy.


Our ground floor studio provides easy access for clients of all abilities, and is fitted with the very best Pilates equipment, including Allegro 2 Reformers, a Trapeze Table, Combo Chair and Ladder Barrel. 

We have a simple-to-use online booking system, which allows you to book and change classes to suit your schedule. However, if "online booking" sounds too hard, give us a call and we can easily arrange your booking.

We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of every client, so come and see us, and start to see your bodyBEgood!