WHAT YOU need to know…

As you may be aware, there are changes happening around private health insurance legislation, particularly in regard to whether you will be able to continue to claim Pilates sessions under the physiotherapy component of your insurance. We have been working hard to get our head around these new rules, to ensure that we give you guys the CORRECT information. We know this is a bit of a long read, but we encourage you to read fully, to ensure you are aware of how the changes will affect you and your ability to claim any sessions you have at bodyBEgood.


(Please note this information relates to clients who claim classes on private health insurance. If you only attend classes with our lovely Pilates Instructors (Kirsten or Ellen), you will not be affected. It only relates to classes taught by physiotherapists)

so what’s happening?

Well, the Government is removing several 'Natural Therapies' from the approved list of treatments that can be claimed with private health insurance. ‘Pilates’ has been included in this list of items being removed. Understandably, we were all very concerned about this. Thankfully after much debate, and conflicting information being sent to many people, the government has confirmed that you can continue to claim exercise classes that are completed under the supervision of a physiotherapist, as long as we comply with the following rules:

  • We can no longer use the word ‘Pilates’ for sessions with a physiotherapist.Yes, that’s right – we can’t call our classes ‘Pilates classes’ if they are being taught by a physio. If we do, you will not be able to claim these sessions. So, from the start of Term 1 2019, our class names will be forced to change to the following:

    • What was previously called Clinical Pilates Classes will be known as Clinical Physio Groups;

    • Reformer classes taught by a Physio are Physio Exercise Classes;

    • Reformer classes with a Pilates Instructor remain unchanged;

    • Pre & Postnatal Pilates classes will be Pre / Postnatal Physio Exercise classes.


  • The government also state that

    • All clients attending any type of class with a Physio must have an individual assessment before they commence classes.

    • This assessment must highlight specific goals to be worked towards during your exercise sessions at bodyBEgood. 

    • And, all clients attending any type of class with a Physiotherapist must have a regular individual reassessment, the regularity of which is dictated by the individual health insurer.

      • At bodyBEgood, our standard practice is now that all clients have reassessment every 12 months, both to ensure you can continue to claim, and to ensure you are getting the most from our services. So, you need to have an individual reassessment with one of our physios every 12 months, where we will assess your strength, posture, and movement, and together with you, set new goals, and a new exercise program.

      • If you have already had a Reformer Pilates assessment, or other physio assessment with us this year, that will suffice for a 12 month period. If you are yet to have an assessment, and you wish to continue Reformer classes with a physio in Term 1, we encourage you to get in contact to arrange this please.

in summary…

These government-directed rules formally take effect on April 1st 2019; however, we are implementing these changes for the beginning of our Term 1 classes (February 4th 2019).

Whilst these changes will likely be problematic, we remain super passionate about providing you with the very best service, support and guidance. We continue to believe that our structured exercise sessions are extremely beneficial in helping you achieve your best in health and wellness. I (Emma), am very happy to be contacted with any and all questions about these enforced changes, and I will do my best to shed light on any queries or concerns you might have.

On behalf of myself and all of the team here at bodyBEgood, we would like to wish you a safe and happy start to 2019, and all the very best wishes for a great year ahead.

Emma Powell - 31st December 2018