Post-Natal Pilates

The postnatal period is often full of sleepless nights, busy days, and the emotional roller coaster of getting to know your newest family member! Our Postnatal program, bellyBEgood, is run as a 5 week course, which focuses on improving and maintaining a strong & flexible body, as well as preparing you to return to any of your pre-pregnancy sports and activities.

Pilates is a great way to bridge the gap from "pregnant you", back to "normal you". 


Why should you do post-natal Pilates?

Our program will:

  • address any abdominal muscle separation issues,
  • educate and improve your pelvic floor function,  
  • strengthen those ever important arm and trunk muscles to help with all your new daily activities.


When can I start post-natal Pilates?

We ask that you have see your doctor or midwife for your 6 week check, prior to commencing with us.


What if I've had a complicated labour, or I have a current injury?

In these circumstances, you may be better suited to Clinical Pilates. Please call us to discuss your individual situation first. 


Can I bring my baby along?

Of course! We are very happy to welcome your bub to bodyBEgood.


When does the next course start?

Our next Postnatal course is due to start on February 13th, and will run on Tuesdays at 2pm. Please email us to confirm starting dates -


We also offer a Reformer Mums & Bubs class, which works on a casual basis. These classes are similar to our standard Reformer classes, but take it a bit more gently when dealing with the abdominal muscles, and will also incorporate Pelvic Floor work. You can find these classes here


If you would like to have more information please email us at