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Postnatal Pilates Course

Our 5 week Postnatal Pilates course is a brilliant way to get yourself back into exercise, and have some fun, following the arrival of your little one.

We’ve updated our course following the great fedback we received from previous participants. The course now includes:

  • A 30 minute physio assessment before the course starts, to chat about your pregnancy/labour, general health, pelvic floor, and to assess your tummy muscles.

  • 5 weekly Pilates sessions, 1 hour duration, with education components each week. 

  • A weekly take home exercise program, with online access to exercise videos and education. 

  • Membership in a private online group with the other ladies in your course, to support each other and stay connected throughout the 5 weeks.

  • Pilates socks, exercise ball and exercise band to use in home exercises. 

And a follow up physio assessment at the end of the course.

The course cost is $250, and you may be able to claim some of this on your private health insurance.

To find out when our next course starts, please get in contact via