Traditional Pilates is taught in a slow and controlled manner, with a strong focus on posture and breathing.

bodyBEgood has 'reformed' Pilates for the people of Ballarat, with dynamic, challenging & fun classes, taught on the Pilates reformer. Our classes target flexibility, core strength, general strength, balance & overall well-being, & we have a type of class to suit every body.

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Our Reformer classes are best suited to people who do not have a current injury, & do not require an individualised exercise program


+ Beginner Reformer

This class is perfect for any Pilates newbie! A 45 minute session on the Pilates reformer, in this class you will learn

  • how to 'switch on' your core,
  • how to achieve and maintain 'Pilates' posture
  • how to use the reformer safely
  • as well as lots of exercises to improve your core, your flexibility and your posture.

We welcome all ages and all fitness levels to these Basics classes.

+ All levels Reformer

This is our classic Reformer Fitness class; a 45 minute workout for the whole body. Using the Pilates reformer and various other apparatus, this class will take you through the entire body, with focus of strengthening, stretching, and toning arms, legs, abs and butts. These classes are best suited to people without a current injury, and we welcome beginners / Pilates first-timers to these classes too.

+ Intermediate Reformer

Our Intermediate Reformer class works at a slightly faster pace than our Beginners and our All Levels classes, and really suit people with a good understanding of Reformer Pilates exercises, who wants to work a little harder. These classes are not for those with an injury, and will require an understanding of Pilates concepts, and Pilates equipment.

+ REFORMER - Pre & Postnatal

Our Pre & Postnatal classes are the perfect way to stay fit and active throughout your pregnancy. Every client has an assessment prior to starting in these classes, and the exercises are tailored specifically to your stage of pregnancy/postpartum. Head over to our Pre & Postnatal page for more info.

+ Flow Reformer

Our Flow Pilates class takes a slower, more gentle approach to Pilates Reformer exercise. These classes are perfect for the more mature client, or for those really wanting to focus on posture, balance, and flexibility.

+ Jump Reformer

This 45 minute Reformer Pilates class centres around the use of our fantastic JUMPBOARDS! A high energy class, REFORMER - Jump will focus on activating leg muscles, core, hips and butt, and get your heart pumping a little faster. ** Please note - this class is not designed for those who haven't tried our other Reformer classes, and is not suited to anyone with a current injury.

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* If you are keen to try Reformer Pilates classes, but have a current injury, or you are unsure if you are suitable for these classes, we recommend you book a Pre Pilates Assessment with our physio first, or feel free to call us and discuss your situation.